Enclose Our Patio

After a thorough space study and extensive consultation and design from Woofter-Bolch Architects, our Library is poised to add much-needed square footage to this much-loved community resource.

This first phase of renovations involves repurposing the unused second-floor patio area to create accessible, comfortable, and free resource rooms for our users. It is a smart and sensible, cost-effective first step toward eventually expanding externally—thanks to the wildly successful “Complete the Block” campaign that helped secure the needed real estate.

Where is the “Patio”, what does it look like now” It is on the east side(6th Street) of the library and overlooks the train tracks.

And what a wonderful first step it is! Imagine walking up the stairs to the Library’s second floor, taking a right at the information desk, and seeing a long wall of windows where that brick patio used to be. Overlooking the trees surrounding the red-roofed Benton County courthouse is a collection of smartly-furnished rooms, each encased
in glass.

Your donation to the Library Foundation is a direct avenue to making this vision come true. Please join us in this effort that will help Expand the Opportunities.

What will the enclosed patio look like and how will it be used?

COLLABORATION: There are four smaller group spaces, perfect for community meetings, small classes, study groups – even as a quiet space to conduct remote meetings. Three are at the right side of the addition and the fourth is to the left of the Quiet Space.

FOR QUIET SPACE In the center of the addition will sit a cozy room, designed with eye-catching art, low bookshelves, and Pacific Northwest-inspired accents. Beneath the energizing light that beams through the tall windows, patrons can read, study, or engage in quiet media usae.

EDUCATION: The large technology classroom, above on the left, will accommodate over a dozen learners and an instructor, tricked out with a projector and solid technical support. A space like this can be used for classes in computer literacy, digital photo management, job search documents, and much more. This kind of room does not exist in the Library’s current floor plan!

Our Library is lucky to be “at capacity” for nearly all its working hours, and this expansion will directly address some of its most pressing resource needs. The results are going to be gorgeous.

The City of Corvallis has set aside $500,000 toward this Patio Enclosure Project in its Capital Improvement Program. Now the Library Foundation needs your help to secure the needed remaining funds. Won’t you help us meet our goal of raising $500,000 to enhance this valuable community asset, turn an unused patio into bright, functional spaces the community needs?

You can donate in many ways. Go to our Donating page and select the Contribution Form, option or the PayPal option which lets you use either a Credit or Debit cards. For a special personalized gift, please contact our Library Director, Ashlee.Chavez@corvallisoregon.gov, to learn about the naming opportunities available in these new spaces.

With YOUR help, we made it happen! Thank you so much for your support of the Library we all LOVE!